Saturday, October 10, 2009

the weekend!

Hey everyone!

It is finally the weekend and we couldn't be happier! It is so nice to have a break! We even got to sleep in until 8 today :) The week ended well and we did a total of about 35 surgeries I think - 7 each day. All the kids are doing well and we didn't have any emergency situations or anything like that happen. The families we are meeting are so cute and the kids here are so strong - they barley cry at all. Everyone is so nice and it's hard to say good bye to people.
Today we got to go to the local shopping area and we got all kinds of neat stuff! It was a very cool center with lots of fun stores. We took all 5's and 1's to shop with and it was so odd to us that every single store we went to thanked us for using 1's. Their faces literally lit up with excitement and they all said Oh thank you so much for the 1's! They would have this new permanent smile on their faces. It's amazing what people are thankful for here - we have life pretty darn good in the states!
After shopping we went to a wild animal park. The animals they have there are ones that were mistreated somewhere else and were very sick. The park helps them become healthy once again, but then they have to keep them there because they would die - most likely be killed by hunters - if they were set free. A lot of them have lost their umph to be able to survive in the wild. We were a little bummed because we were told that they have an elephant to ride that wasn't there anymore and we didn't see any giraffes either. The lions were pretty cool though. They are absolutely HUGE!!!! Way taller and bigger than I would have thought. One of the females head was just massive! The growls they would make when they were feeding them practically shook the ground - I've never heard a sound so deep - almost like you could feel it!
Tomorrow is Michelle's birthday so happy birthday Michelle!!!!! I'm not sure what we are going to do tomorrow - most things are closed because it's Sunday and Sunday is the day of rest so most people around here are having church services in the fields or enjoying their time off. We are surely going to enjoy sleeping in :) See you all soon!

~M&M (our official nicknames of the trip)

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  1. Mal, great photos. It was nive talking with you today before the internet went out. I didn't get a chance to tell you I love you and miss you. I love you more than anything and miss you every moment. You are not just a great daughter, you are a great person and I'm the luckiest man alive. Hope to hear from you again soon. Tell Michelle happy birthday tomorrow. Love Dad