Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hey everyone! We have made it to London where we are currently waiting out our 13 hour layover in the yotel...yes, yotel - that's not a spelling error! the flight was fine - one of our tv's didn't work but we fixed that by bangin on the little remote for a while :) this yotel thing is perfect - we are currently relaxing in our bunk beds after our much needed showers! Our luggage worked out great! Our biggest bag - which weighed 51.7 at home on the scale we used - was exactly 50 lbs (which is the max)! We have about 7 hours left in our yotel before we board our next plane from London to Addis Ababa (about a 10 hr flight - ugh) and from there we have our last flight into Harare! Wish us luck as we continue on our 2 day trek to Zimbabwe! We miss you all very much and we will be posting again soon :) The videos we are posting are at LAX and of our yotel in London - enjoy :)

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  1. Glad To Hear That Everything Is Going Well So Far. I Don't Know How You Two Were Able To Get Around With All Of Those Bags, But I am Glad That It Worked Out. I Miss You Babes!!! Stay Safe. I Love You!!