Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Mguanani! That means good morning for those of you who don't speak shona :) We have not been able to post until now due to the in and out availability of our internet. We have made it to Harare safely and have just finished our second full day in the hospital! We've done a total of 13 surgeries in two days! In the pictures below you will see Michelle's first African meal - she ate the whole thing! You will see a typical street in Harare, the hospital we are working in, the huge spider we found in our bathroom - yikes! And a couple kids. It takes forever to post a picture and posting video is impossible so I will try to put some more up later. Our lodge is VERY nice, the team we are working with is great, the weather is perfect, Michelle's luggage is finally here after being lost for 4 days, the kids we are working with are super cute and their families are very sweet. The hospital's here work a little different and we are still getting in the swing of things but so far so good. Yesterday Michelle worked in the recovery room and I worked on the ward and today we switched. All is going well and we will post again soon! Hope you all are doing well and not missing too much :)


  1. Love the pictures !!!! It's Awesome the work you both are doing, what Precious children! And what a great gift to give to them! Can you bring some of them home to me?
    Love and Miss you - Mom

  2. Yikes, that's a big spider. Michelle, I know that you are terrified of these creatures so if you have many more encounters with them, I'll arrange for some psychological help for you upon your return. It must feel great to be helping these young kids. I'm sure they are experiencing a life changing event....one they will never forget. Great job girls! I'm proud of both of you. Stay safe and enjoy. Love, mom

  3. Mal, We are missing you tons. It was great to talk with you the other day. The pictures are very good. I hope you can post more soon. I'm at work for a couple of days but I hope to hear from you when I'm back home. Be safe. Love you lots Dad